Bioceuticals Aminoplex vegan protein powder 616g



Aminoplex® is a high quality, low-allergenic organic brown rice protein concentrate, extracted by natural enzymes at low temperature from the wholegrain, including the bran, germ and endosperm. This unique process produces a smooth texture that mixes easily. Aminoplex® provides all the essential amino acids, including the branched chain amino acids. Aminoplex® is suitable for individuals wanting to increase dietary protein, to support muscle growth and repair and those with food allergy sensitivities, in a tasty vanilla flavour.

  • 34.6g of protein per serve from certified organic sprouted brown rice.
  • Only 7.2g of carbohydrates and 1.4g of sugar per serve.
  • Nearly 4.5g of BCAAs per serve.
  • Low-allergenic, suitable for people with a range of food sensitivities.
  • No added gluten, dairy and soy.
  • Low in fat and sugar.
  • Improved manufacturing to give a finer, smoother powder with increased solubility and more pleasant texture.
  • Includes enzymes for excellent digestibility.
  • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
  • Oryzatein® Ultra 80 is non-GMO, environmentally friendly and sustainably sourced.

Each 44g serving (2 rounded scoops) contains:*

Energy 736kJ (176Cal)
Protein 34.6g
Fat (total) 0.1g
Fat (saturated) 0.1g
Carbohydrate (total) 7.2g
Carbohydrate (sugars) 1.4g
Dietary fibre 2.7g
Sodium 15mg
Iron 1.2mg (10% RDI)
Enzymes (bromelain) 47mg
Typical amino acid composition per serve:
Alanine 1040mg
Arginine 1450mg
Aspartic acid 1930mg
Cystine 510mg
Glutamic acid 3660mg
Glycine 670mg
Histidine 476mg
Isoleucine 1240mg
Leucine 1930mg
Lysine 1090mg
Methionine 489mg
Phenylalanine 931mg
Proline 1300mg
Serine 1050mg
Threonine 1010mg
Tryptophan 332mg
Tyrosine 872mg
Enzymes (protease) 1280mg


*Based on average amounts.

Ingredients: Organic whole grain brown rice protein (98%), organic whole grain rice milk powder, enzymes, vegetable gum (xanthan gum), sweetener (steviol glycosides, thaumatin), flavour (vanilla and caramel).




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